Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Immigrant Investor Program of the U.S.A

The Immigrant Investor Program of the U.S.A., also known as “EB-5 Program” is the fastest way for high net-worth individuals to obtain permanent residency (Green Card) for themselves & their families including spouse and dependant children under the age of 21. Program requires an investment of US$ 500,000 in government approved project of the United States. Your funds can come from personal savings, a donation, an inheritance, etc.
Choosing right investment is a bit complicated and Sun, based upon its 24 years of experience and over 12000 plus success stories, has a program, which meets the employment creation criteria of this program, while ensuring that you as an investor is well protected when the time comes to have your investment of US$ 500K refunded after 5 years.

Net-worth requirement:
1. An individual with the net worth (or combined net worth with spouse, if applicable) of $1,000,000 or more can qualify for EB-5 program. (Without including the value of primary residence) OR
2. Anyone whose individual income exceeds $200,000 or has a joint income of $300,000 with spouse for every year from the past two years and who rightly expects an income of more than $300,000 for the current year as well, can apply for immigration under the EB-5 program.

Advantages of the Immigrant Investor Program
• No compulsion for any prior business or management experience.
• You just need to prove you have obtained funds legally.
• Your investment money is kept in a secure escrow bank account until the government approves your file.
• If your application is refused by the government, the investment is automatically returned by the escrow bank.
• When the conditional resident status has been lifted, full resident status is granted.
• One can apply for US citizenship after five years of residency.

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