Tuesday, 18 June 2013

24 Occupations of Canada has announced

The following information has been compiled based on Canadian Government sources. It is intended to provide basic information on living conditions in Canada.
Welcome to Diversity, Welcome to Canada…
Canada is the world’s second largest country with a landmass of 10 million square kilometers and a population of approximately just 32 million. With its majestic mountain ranges, vast plains, beautiful beaches, a refreshing countryside, rural havens and bustling cosmopolitan centers, the land of stark beauty has the best of nature and the best of mankind’s creations.
Owing to Canada’s size, it is divided into the following regions: the Atlantic Region, Central Canada, the Prairie Provinces, the West Coast and the North. Canada is comprised of 10 provinces and 3 territories which include:
2.Nova Scotia2.Nunavut
3.New Brunswick3.The Northwest Territories
4.Prince Edward Island
9.British Columbia
Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are the major cosmopolitan centers while Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax are the booming centers of trade and communications. The bilingual city of Ottawa is Canada’s capital. Three oceans border the country: the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic. There are some three million lakes in Canada, covering about 7.6 percent of the Canadian landmass. The main lakes, located in Canada (many large lakes are traversed by the Canada-U.S. border), are Huron, Great Bear, Superior, Great Slave, Winnipeg, Erie and Ontario. The largest lake situated entirely in Canada is Great Bear Lake (31 328 km2) in the Northwest Territories.
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