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LITHUANIA: officially the Republic of Lithuania(LithuanianLietuvos Respublika) is a country in Northern Europe, the largest of the three Baltic states. It is situated along the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea, to the east of Sweden and Denmark. It bordersLatvia to the north, Belarus to the east and south, Poland to the south, and Kaliningrad Oblast (a Russianexclave) to the southwest. Lithuania has an estimated population of 3 million as of 2012, and its capital and largest city is Vilnius. The Lithuanians are a Baltic people, and the official language, Lithuanian, is one of only two living languages (together with Latvian) in the Baltic branch of the Indo-European language family.
For centuries, the southeastern shore of the Baltic Sea was inhabited by various Baltic tribes. In the 1230s the Lithuanian lands were united by Mindaugas, who was crowned as King of the Lithuania, creating the first unified Lithuanian state, on 6 July 1253.[8] During the 14th century, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania was the largest country in Europe: present-day Belarus, Ukraine, and parts of Poland and Russia were territories of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania. With the Lublin Union of 1569, Lithuania and Poland formed a voluntary two-state union, the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth. The Commonwealth lasted more than two centuries, until neighboring countries systematically dismantled it from 1772 to 1795, with the Russian Empire annexing most of Lithuania's territory.
In the aftermath of World War I, Lithuania's Act of Independence was signed on 16 February 1918, declaring the establishment of a sovereign state. Starting in 1940, Lithuania was occupied first by theSoviet Union and then by Nazi Germany. As World War II neared its end in 1944 and the Germans retreated, the Soviet Union reoccupied Lithuania. On 11 March 1990, a year before formal break-up of the Soviet Union, Lithuania became the first Soviet republic to declare the restoration of independent State of Lithuania.
Prior to the global financial crisis of 2007–2010 and now in its aftermath, Lithuania has one of the fastest growing economies in the European Union. Lithuania is a member of the European Union, the Council of Europe, a full member of the Schengen Agreement and NATO.[9] Lithuania is also a member of the Nordic Investment Bank, and part of Nordic-Baltic cooperation of Northern European countries. The United NationsHuman Development Index lists Lithuania as a "very high human development" country. Since 1 July 2013, Lithuania has held the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

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National Occupation List OF Canada

National Occupation List OF Canada

  1. Engineering managers
  2. Financial and investment analysts
  3. Geoscientists and oceanographers
  4. Civil engineers
  5. Mechanical engineers
  6. Chemical engineers
  7. Mining engineers
  8. Geological engineers
  9. Petroleum engineers
  10. Aerospace engineers
  11. Computer engineers (except software engineers/designers)
  12. Land surveyors
  13. Computer programmers and interactive media developers
  14. Industrial instrument technicians and mechanics
  15. Inspectors in public and environmental health and occupational health and safety
  16. Audiologists and speech-language pathologists
  17. Physiotherapists
  18. Occupational Therapists
  19. Medical laboratory technologists
  20. Medical laboratory technicians and pathologists’ assistants Respiratory therapists, clinical perfusionists and cardiopulmonary technologists
  21. Medical radiation technologists
  22. Medical sonographers
  23. Cardiology technicians
  24. electrophysiological diagnostic technologists, n.e.c. (not elsewhere classified)

24 Occupations of Canada has announced

The following information has been compiled based on Canadian Government sources. It is intended to provide basic information on living conditions in Canada.
Welcome to Diversity, Welcome to Canada…
Canada is the world’s second largest country with a landmass of 10 million square kilometers and a population of approximately just 32 million. With its majestic mountain ranges, vast plains, beautiful beaches, a refreshing countryside, rural havens and bustling cosmopolitan centers, the land of stark beauty has the best of nature and the best of mankind’s creations.
Owing to Canada’s size, it is divided into the following regions: the Atlantic Region, Central Canada, the Prairie Provinces, the West Coast and the North. Canada is comprised of 10 provinces and 3 territories which include:
2.Nova Scotia2.Nunavut
3.New Brunswick3.The Northwest Territories
4.Prince Edward Island
9.British Columbia
Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver are the major cosmopolitan centers while Calgary, Edmonton and Halifax are the booming centers of trade and communications. The bilingual city of Ottawa is Canada’s capital. Three oceans border the country: the Atlantic, the Pacific and the Arctic. There are some three million lakes in Canada, covering about 7.6 percent of the Canadian landmass. The main lakes, located in Canada (many large lakes are traversed by the Canada-U.S. border), are Huron, Great Bear, Superior, Great Slave, Winnipeg, Erie and Ontario. The largest lake situated entirely in Canada is Great Bear Lake (31 328 km2) in the Northwest Territories.
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Net-worth requirement:
1. An individual with the net worth (or combined net worth with spouse, if applicable) of $1,000,000 or more can qualify for EB-5 program. (Without including the value of primary residence) OR
2. Anyone whose individual income exceeds $200,000 or has a joint income of $300,000 with spouse for every year from the past two years and who rightly expects an income of more than $300,000 for the current year as well, can apply for immigration under the EB-5 program.

Advantages of the Immigrant Investor Program
• No compulsion for any prior business or management experience.
• You just need to prove you have obtained funds legally.
• Your investment money is kept in a secure escrow bank account until the government approves your file.
• If your application is refused by the government, the investment is automatically returned by the escrow bank.
• When the conditional resident status has been lifted, full resident status is granted.
• One can apply for US citizenship after five years of residency.